- James Bay No.1
- James Bay No.2
- Fairfield
- Fernwood
- North Park
- Hillside-Quadra
- Burnside
- Vic West
- Oaklands
- Gonzales


eave - lower edge of roof.

elevation - face or facade of building, or drawing of face.

entablature - band of horizontal elements above column capitals, composed of architrave, frieze, and cornice.

entasis - slight convex curve on columns and other structures used to create optical illusion and make sides appear straight; sometimes exaggerated for decorative effect.

façade - face or side of building; most often used when describing front of a building.

fanlight -  window in arched opening over door.

fascia - horizontal board which covers rafter ends along eaves of roof.

fenestration - window arrangement on building facade.

finial - ornamental feature placed at apex of gable, hip, etc., or (rarely) where bottom of gable meets eaves.

floor plan - scale drawing of arrangement of rooms, etc., of one level of a building.

frieze - decorative horizontal band at top of exterior and interior walls below cornice, or as porch cornices.

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