- James Bay No.1
- James Bay No.2
- Fairfield
- Fernwood
- North Park
- Hillside-Quadra
- Burnside
- Vic West
- Oaklands
- Gonzales


gable - triangular top of exterior wall at end of ridged roof.

gable roof
- peak formed with single slope on either side of ridge.

gambrel roof
- roof with pair of shallow pitched slopes above steeply pitched slopes either side of ridge.

half-hipped gable - gable with top truncated or clipped back to ridge; also called jerkinhead gable.

hip - angle formed by intersection of two sloping roof surfaces.

hipped roof - roof with surfaces sloping in four directions; can be pyramidal, ridged or flat-topped.

hood moulding - projection from a wall above a doorway or window to keep rain away from opening.

horn - projecting upper or lower ends on side bars of moveable window sash which prevent sash from hitting upper rail or sill of window frame.

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