- James Bay No.1
- James Bay No.2
- Fairfield
- Fernwood
- North Park
- Hillside-Quadra
- Burnside
- Vic West
- Oaklands


mansard roof - two-pitched roof with steep lower slope that rises from all facades of a building; generally has many windows in lower slope.

modillion - horizontal ornamental block or bracket under eaves.

mortar - mixture of lime, plaster or cement, fine sand and water, used for bonding and pointing brick or stone.

moulding (molding) - decorative finishing strip.

mullion - vertical bar of wood, metal or stone which divides a window into two or more parts.

muntin (also munton bar, sash bar) - thin strip of wood holding panes of glass in window.

newel (newel post)
- principal supporting post for handrail at bottom or angle of staircase.

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