- James Bay No.1
- James Bay No.2
- Fairfield
- Fernwood
- North Park
- Hillside-Quadra
- Burnside
- Vic West
- Oaklands
- Gonzales


quarter-round - small moulding or beading which is one-quarter of circle in section, often used at junction of floor and baseboard.

quatrefoil - leaf-like motif with four lobes or circular areas; frequently the form of decorative windows.

Queen Anne sash or window - large glass pane edged with many small panes of square or rectangular glass, frequently coloured.

quoins - large stones or bricks which accentuate corners of a building; laid vertically, frequently alternating short and long blocks.

rake - slope of gable, pediment, staircase, floor (frequently in theatres).

raking moulding - moulding that follows slope of gable.

return (cornice return) - continuation of moulding, where bottom of raking moulding on a gable is carried a short distance back and horizontally towards centre of gable.

riser - vertical portion of stair step; can be open riser.

roughcast - exterior plaster or stucco with rough aggregate (gravel, broken bottle glass, etc.) thrown in, such as pebbledash.

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