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- Fairfield
- Fernwood
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- Oaklands
- Gonzales


saddlebag dormers - pair of low-slung, shed-roofed dormers, on either side of a roof ridge.

sash - window frame which slides open vertically.

scullery - small room off kitchen where dishes, cutlery, etc., are washed or cleaned.

section - drawing illustrating view if structure were cut vertically, and interior exposed.

segmental arch - arch in which the curve is a segment of a circle but less than a semicircle.

shake - large, split wooden (generally cedar) tile used as wall or roof cladding; thicker and more rustic than shingle, and not tapered.

sheathing - material used to enclose and strengthen walls.

shed roof - roof consisting of single slope.

shingle - sawn, tapered wooden (generally cedar) or asphalt tile used for exterior wall or roof cladding.

shiplap - grooved, interlocking boards laid diagonally over timber structure, as base for external wall cladding.

sidelight - narrow windows on one or both sides of entry door.

sill - structural framing member on bottom of door or window.

soffit - enclosed underside of overhanging eave.

spindle - decoratively turned or circular member in balustrade, porch frieze or gable decoration, etc.

spire - pointed top part of tower or steeple.

steeple - high tower of church.

storm window - supplementary window, put within same frame either outside or inside, to prevent loss of heat in winter and as sound barrier; if placed outside, it also protects main sash from effects of weathering.

stringcourse, string course - horizontal division of a building marked by band of wood, brick, metal or stone running across face of building (belt course).

tar paper - heavy building paper coated with tar to make it waterproof, used on walls and roofs, generally between layers.

terracotta - fired ceramic tile used as decorative architectural element.

transom window - small window or series of panes above door or window.

tread - horizontal portion of individual stair step.

trellis - lath lattice used as screen.

tongue-and-groove (T&G) - boards which join together by rib (tongue) on long edge of one board locking into groove on long edge of next board.

tripartite - composed of or divided into three parts.

trefoil - leaf-like motif with three lobes or circular areas.

truncated - top or end cut off, shortened or abbreviated.

Tudor arch - late-medieval style of flattened arch with vertical sides, rounded shoulders and a point.

turret - small slender tower, frequently at building corner.

tuscan column
- simplest order of Classical styles, unfluted with plain round capital and base.

tympanum - triangular space enclosed within pediment.

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