Heritage Register

342 Arnold Avenue

Built 1912
Heritage Designated 2001

For: Janet Winter

Architect: Lord Wilfrid Hargreaves


This house is a remarkably well-preserved example of the Craftsman Arts & Crafts Bungalow. Its typical features include the low-pitched gabled roof, partially enclosed porch supported by a massive square pillar, triangular knee braces at the roof eave, shingled wall surfaces and extensive stained glass. It has a fine interior featuring original woodwork and fireplaces.


Robert Maxwell Sanburn was a linotype operator with Acme Press and also worked for the Daily Colonist. Born on a farm near Wingham, ON, Robert entered the printing business at an early age in Manitoba. Robert came to Victoria in 1907 and lived here until about 1920, when he moved to Shaunavon, SK and purchased the local newspaper, the Shaunavon Standard. He died there in 1939.


James William (1888-1940) and Nora Mary Elizabeth (Gray, 1893-1962) Hudson were the next owners. James came from Kingston, ON, in 1911, and Nora was the daughter of Annie and master mariner Capt James Gray of 1916 Belmont (Fernwood). They married in Oak Bay in 1914. The Hudsons owned the house in the early 1920s, and moved to 352 Moss (Fairfield) by 1924. James was manager for Vancouver Island of the North American Life office. He was a member of St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 42, AF&AM, IOOF, a president of the Canadian Club and Queen Alexandra Solarium. Their son Allan Gray Hudson died in WWII in France in July 1944.

Frank Harold Rust, chief clerk of the Shell Oil Co of California, bought this house by 1924. In 1926 he was living at 159 Cook St when he married Victoria-native Elsie Barbara Scott (1900-1980). The Rusts were listed in this house again by 1929.

By 1931, Daniel Keith Wilson, president of the Crystal Spring Water Co and his wife Kate Constance (King) were living here. Jean and James Skellern, a printer with the Daily Colonist, lived here in 1933-34.

Albert Henry (1898-1973) and Anne (Adamson, 1898-1985) Banks bought this house in the late 1930s and lived here until the early 1970s. Albert was a salesman and later a civil servant.

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