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James Bay

119 Oswego Street (ex-102 Oswego St)

Built 1891
Heritage-Designated 2000

For: George & Mary Maidment

Builder: attributed to George Maidment

119 Oswego


The architectural description and early history of this house is almost the same as that of 117 Oswego St. However, this house was “tarted up”in the late 1990s and at the moment has a front porch and window details not original to the house. Present owners plan to restore the original.


Carpenter and builder George Maidment built the three houses in 1892. The Maidments lived here until 1895. George, a native of Dorset, and Mary, of Kent, England, came to Canada in 1871 and Victoria c.1889. Mary died in 1903 at 72, George in 1916 at 76.


After the lot was split in 1901, Catherine and Joseph Maynard paid taxes on this house until 1908. Catherine Hayler, born in Dundee, Scotland, came to Victoria in the late 1880s. She married Joseph in 1886 and died while living at 133 Oswego in 1920 at 78. Joseph was born in Cornwall, England, in 1840. He arrived in Victoria via Cape Horn on the SS Lady Lampson in 1869. He ran an express business before moving to Cadboro Bay, where he farmed for 30 years. Joe died in 1929 at 89.

Cornelius and Elsie (Anderson) Roskamp lived here in the early 1900s. Cornelius, a teamster, then a taxi driver, was born in Victoria to Dutch parents in 1880. Elsie was born in San Lorenzo, CA, in 1884. She came here in 1898 and married Cornelius in 1904. Elsie died of TB at 26 in 1910. Cornelius died in 1930 at 45.

1909-38: Peter and Clara (Snell) Bradley. Peter, born in Nottingham, England, came to Victoria c.1900 and was a miner, then a fisherman. He was a widower when he married Clara in 1911. He died in Sooke in 1917 at 64. Clara, born in London, England, came here shortly before her marriage. She lived at this house until her death at 66.

c.1945-50: Thomas and Ellen (Crimp) Marr. Scottish-born carpenter Thomas retired in 1952 and died in 1956 at 71. Ellen moved to Coquitlam to live with family, and died there in 1958 at 83.


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