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James Bay

32 Paddon Street (ex-32 Dallas Av)

Built 1902-03

For: Charlotte Brown

32 Paddon


This is the central house of the trio built simultaneously for Mrs. Charlotte Brown. It shares its neighbours’ Shingle style, with corbelled chimney over a front dormer with awning window on a hipped, slightly bellcast, roof. The recessed front porch is defined by a shingled column and curved top. It’s possible that the unique curved front verandah is original, as it shares the rough stone foundation of the house and a handsome front garden wall. The three south-side box bays have tiny, decorative brackets.


This house’s earliest history is similar to 20, 26 and 38 Paddon St. The Blyghs owned this property c.1907-10. Russell and Floria McMillen were likely the first residents here, from 1904-c.1910. Russell was a commercial traveller born in Sedalia, MO, who came here c.1889. He married newcomer Floria White from Boston in 1894. Russell died in 1959 at 96, Floria in 1962 at 89.


William Dier owned the property from 1910-14. William and his late wife Ellen were Baptists from Ontario, who came here in 1888 and lived on Fernwood Rd for many years. Ellen was first with Calvary, then Emmanuel Baptist, where she taught Sunday School for young women. She died in 1906 at 55. William was a a travelling salesman across Canada for large importing businesses. He was involved in the Kootenays with Dier, Davidson & Russell, then moved his assets to Vancouver Island and invested in the Mount Sicker Development. Health problems forced William to retire. He died in 1914 at 60 after amputation of a gangrenous leg.

By 1917, Harry Upton, a Provincial poultry inspector for 40 years, and his wife, Estella (Morrison), were living here. Harry married Edith Arnould after Estella’s death in 1932. He died in 1960.

Robert and Edith (Popley) Hemberow lived here in the early 1920s. They married in Vancouver in 1912 and moved to Victoria the following year. Robert was a clerk at the Land Titles Office. He served overseas with the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve from 1917-19. Robert died in 1975 at 91. Edith predeceased him in 1973 at 89.

Gilbert, a trained electrician, and Gertrude (Tucker) Howland lived here from 1935-1950. Gertrude, born in Bristol, and Gilbert, born in Richmond, England, came to Victoria in 1929 after residing in Edmonton for a time. Lieut.-Col. Gilbert Howland, served in the Boer War and with the 1st Edmonton Regiment in WWI. In the mid-1930s, he was house officer at the Empress Hotel, and later a machine shop storekeeper. He was a member of the BC Indian Arts and Welfare Society. After Gertrude’s death in 1940 at 55, Gilbert married Phyllis Yeoman. He died in 1960 at 77.

In 1947, Nina Neave (1140 Arthur Currie Ln, Vic West) boarded at 32 Paddon.


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