Heritage Register

1790 Carrick Street (ex-1776 Fourth St)

Built 1913
Heritage-Designated 1991

For: James & Lillian Vye

1790 Carrick


Although highly idiosyncratic, this small stone cottage is in the California Bungalow style of Craftsman Arts & Crafts. The substantial front porch has a shallow-pitched roof, wide eaves and decorative stickwork. The porch wraps around both sides, disguising the tiny footprint of the house and belying the asymmetrical side gables, which have double roofs over box bays. Fine granite stonework covers the entire main floor, leaving just a touch of stucco and half-timbering in the front gable. Two short porch columns mimic the massive tapered stone porch columns, but there’s no evidence of a porch rail. There’s also a handsome matching stone garden wall. Other features include deep-set windows, a pair of piano windows bracketing the shouldered through-the-roof chimney, and tapered ends to the exposed beams

This house was built for James Putnam Vye (1880-1955), son of Alexander and Margaret Vye (1785 Carrick), on part of the family’s farm property. James lived here until the early 1920s. Born in Cape Cove, NS, James came to Victoria with his parents in 1884. James was married three times. In 1910 he married Lillian Young, but they divorced before 1925, when he married Katherine Ann Ingram (1905-1984). They divorced in 1931. He eventually married Grace Mary Hodges. James was a medical doctor for over 30 years and retired in 1949.


Pearl Elmer Tergeson (1888-1975) lived here c.1924-31. He operated an automotive parts establishment, The Tyre Shop, with his brother Wallace (1891-1935) for a number of years. Pearl was born in Anoka, MN, to Norwegian parents and came to Victoria in 1912. He eventually married Katherine Ann Ingram, former wife of James Vye.

The Colvin family bought this house c.1933, and resided here for about 20 years. Walter Burgess Colvin (1891-1956) and Alberta May James (1894-1975), both born in Victoria, married in 1913. Walter had a lengthy career in the attorney general’s office. He started in 1908 and was chief clerk by 1913. In 1932 he was admitted to the bar and made assistant departmental solicitor. He became solicitor in 1945 and assistant deputy in 1954. During his 48-year career, he served 14 attorneys general. He retired in 1956, and died several months later of a heart attack. He and Alberta had been on vacation in England.


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