All four volumes of Victoria Heritage Foundation's This Old House:
Victoria's Heritage Neighbourhoods
series are now available.

Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
Volume One:
Fernwood &
Victoria West
Volume Two:
James Bay
Volume Three: Rockland, Burnside, Harris Green,
North Park, Oaklands
Volume Four:
Fairfield, Gonzales
& Jubillee

Article about This Old House: Volume One: Fernwood and Victoria West by Joanne Hatherly in the Times Colonist, August 14, 2004. Click here to read.

Revised & Updated Edition 2018 : This Old House : James Bay, Vol Two
The new City Of Victoria Vol. Two James Bay publication prepared  by the Victoria Heritage Foundation is a definitive & exhaustive  update to the original  edition issued in 2005. For anyone interested in the  architectural heritage of the James Bay Area this new updated and expanded edition is welcome to all in the heritage architectural field and anyone with an interest in placing the existing structures into their original context of the James Bay neighborhood as it once existed. This is not a light reading book, but one which will indicate the architecture of James Bay in its prime and total context. All the effort spent researching & documenting the data is welcomed by those who are working in the restoration of historic structures & will assist in present & future endeavours in this field. This volume is not only of value to professionals in the field but also to anyone who appreciates an in-depth record of the historic James Bay neighborhood and the history of its residents.
- Robert Baxter (Retired Architect) Specialist in Heritage Restoration, 2018

The new publication of This Old House has presented the buildings in a context of the people and events of the city. This creates the fabric into which the buildings are woven. This Old House presents the buildings of Victoria in a way which is interesting and accessible to all of us who are or have been Victorians. - Melinda L. Seyler, May 2004

Painstakingly, meticulously catalogued – an amazing encyclopedia of historical Information.
- Ken Henderson

The research, layout, writing and overall 'literary fullness' of the text made it a delight to read. In particular, I appreciated the extended description of the architecture, which includes a social history of each house, information on the architect, builder, original owner, and subsequent residents of note (either renter or owner). - Christopher Lefler, August 2004

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Available at local independent book sellers including Bolen Books, Munro's Books, Ivy's Bookshop,Russell Books, and Tanner's Books in Sidney.

Some of these book sellers will ship copies of This Old House.

Also available at Victoria City Hall or through the Victoria Heritage Foundation.

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