Heritage Register

1444-46-48 Pembroke Street
(ex-116 North Pembroke St)

Built 1891
Heritage-Designated 1997

For: Martha & Thomas Haughton

Builder: Thomas Haughton

1444 Pembroke


This one-storey Italianate cottage has a peaked hipped roof on the main building and a lower flat hip on the front which at one time had cresting and finials. It has twin brick chimneys and paired eaves brackets, the latter being typical of the Italianate. The front has angled bays on either side of the front entrance. The bays have brackets at the top of the vertical casings. There is unusual detailing on all windows of the house. The front door has a Queen Anne transom and small sidelights. The balustrade of the wide front steps has short square newel posts and square balusters. The cladding is drop siding and the foundation is stone. In 1991 the house was moved forward and to the left. The lot was then subdivided and the house was converted into three condominiums.


Owners: 1891-97: Martha (1839-1902) and Thomas Haughton (b. Duckingfield, Cheshire, ENG, 1842-1901) married in 1870. Thomas ran a drygoods business in his home town, but so strongly supported the Radical Liberals that he lost his customers. He and Martha immigrated to the USA, then came to Victoria. Thomas tried farming and gardening, but then about 1884 he opened a fancy and drygoods store, Manchester House. He bought a large chunk of the north end of Fernwood, known as “Haughton’s Block” in early tax rolls. Their daughter Martha Ann married Alfred Wescott (1924-26 Belmont St, Fernwood), who became a partner in Manchester House. The Haughtons were prominent members of Emmanuel Baptist Church. Thomas, a member of AOUW, died in Victoria, Martha in Everett, WA.


Owners: 1898: The Estate of James Porter (b. Sunderland, ENG, c.1820-1898). He came to Victoria in 1858 with his brother Arthur (c.1825-1901), and they manufactured bricks in Rock Bay, claiming to be the first to make and dry bricks here in the winter season. James was on Victoria City Council in 1884, was a member of IOOF, and with Arthur, amassed considerable property in Victoria. James was retired by 1891 and living at 15 Rock Bay Av, with probably his daughter, Isabel (née Porter, b. ENG, c.1842-1895), widow of James Henry Worthington, and her offspring.

1899-1904: Before Martha Haughton bought this property in 1892, lots 8, 9 and 10 were owned by Thomas Worthington “et al.” From 1899 Isabel’s offspring Thomas Worthington “et al” again owned the property, inheriting from James Porter. In 1901 store clerk Thomas and his siblings still lived at 15 Rock Bay and his widowed sister Margaret Ellen Kenworthy was head of the household, with three more brothers, a sister, a sister-in-law, several offspring, and a Chinese domestic. Thomas lived in this house in 1903-04. The Worthington siblings were born in Pittsburgh, PA, 1864-84, and came to Canada between 1890 and 1901. Only John Arthur Worthington, a broker, and William Porter Worthington, a bricklayer, died in BC.

Tenants: 1897-98
: William and Emelyn Whittington (1834 Stanley St, Fernwood) and their offspring Ernest (1433 Vining St, Fernwood), Percy (1706-08 Fernwood Rd), Alice, Nellie and Ethel.
1900-02: Confectioner John Alfred and Annie Lawrence. Their son John William Lawrence was a clerk at Hastie’s Fair, 77 Government St.

Owners: 1906: Henry Emanuel “H.E.” Levy (1843-1929 b. Wellington, NZ, of English Jewish parents, see also 2667 Empire St, Oaklands) was a major Victoria property owner for many years. H.E. arrived here in 1859 and worked first as a policeman, then a fireman. From 1865 until 1912 he was proprietor first of Levy Bros’ Arcade Oyster Saloon with his brother Joseph, and then of Levy’s Restaurant at 1316-18 Government St, Downtown. 1907-11: Machinist Joseph Drader (b. Upper Canada, 1850-1937) and Delia (b. ENG, 1854-1922) came to BC in 1907 and farmed in Gordon Head, Saanich, from 1920 until their deaths.

1911-45: George Downard (b. ENG, 1865-1945) and Margaret (née Hargreaves, b. ENG, 1877-1948) ran their Columbia Conservatory of Music in the house. George came to Canada 1882, fought in the Riel Rebellion, and was later a choir leader in Winnipeg. Margaret’s family came to Winnipeg in 1892. Margaret was George’s second wife; they married c.1901-05 and came to Victoria c.1910. George was the choir leader for Metropolitan United Church for 18 years, and belonged to AF&AM. George’s daughter Winnie (1116 Catherine St, Vic West) married Leonard Carlow across the street in 1449 Pembroke St in 1911. Margaret’s brother was prominent Victoria architect L.W. Hargreaves (1811 Belmont Av, Fernwood), who designed a rental house for them around the corner at 2214 Belmont Av in 1912.

1946-51: James and Lillian E. Marshall, retired, and their son James Jr.


• Fernwood History

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• This Old House, Victoria's Heritage Neighbourhoods,
Volume One: Fernwood & Victoria West

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