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1077 Davie Street

Built 1908

For: Bevan Brothers

Architect: William D'Oyly Rochfort
Builder: J.D. Irwin

1077 Davie


Like several others on Davie, this imposing Tudor Revival style house was built speculatively for the Bevan Brothers. The house has been little altered, and sits on a large lot. A gracious entry porch with chamfered square columns marks the offset front entry, balanced by a shallow box bay, while the rest of the house is mostly symmetrical. The references to the Tudor Revival style include stucco and wood half-timbering, corbelled masonry chimneys and multi-paned windows

The first known resident was Hugh W. Ferguson Pollock, who worked in real estate and lived here until the mid-1910s. Widow Agnes Jackson Campbell lived here c.1917-21. By 1924, Edgar Morse was the resident, followed by Rev. Samuel Spencer Peat (1874-1943) and his wife Hilda (Crossley, 1883-1962) in 1926. Retiree Frank V. Jones was here in 1929.


Following a period of vacancy in the early 1930s, Ethel Anne (Burton, 1892-1981), widow of William Henry Harvey lived here until the early 1940s. She was a department manager at Spencers and then the T. Eaton Co.

Numerous other tenants lived here over the next decade. Frederick and Adela Webster lived here in 1943. He was a carpenter. Owner Miss E. Alford converted the house to a duplex at this time. Frank Foulds, proprietor of Specialty Finishers, and his wife Gladys lived in one part of the duplex c.1946-50. Retirees George W. and Clara Murray lived in the other half of this duplex in 1946, followed by Sydney W. and Mary A. Healey in 1949.


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