Heritage Register
North Park

2303 Quadra Street

Built 1910

For: Herbert & Annie Shade

Designer/Contractor: Herbert Shade

2303 Quadra


Herbert Shade was the plumbing and sewer inspector for the City of Victoria, and, in the days before the concept of conflict of interest, approved his own plumbing plan. On it, he described this pleasant house as “a mansion and garage.”

This is a cross-gabled, 1½-storey, Arts & Crafts Craftsman Bungalow with wide bracketed eaves. On the Queens Av façade, there are two shallow, shed-roofed, cantilevered box bays on large brackets, one now enclosed below, and a gabled entry porch on the far right. There is a shallow gabled bay on the left side of the house. An offset gabled entry porch on the left front has paired and tripled heavy square posts on concrete caps supported on brick piers. Brackets between the posts support the gable wall with its small window. The porch and step balustrades are brick. The house, which was once shingled with stucco and half-timbering in the porch gable, is now stuccoed to the water table; the foundation and chimneys are brick. Many windows retain their art glass leaded lights. The original random rock wall and klinker brick gateposts remain.


The Shade family occupied the house until the early 1950s. Herbert Francis Shade (b. Victoria 1875-1953) was the son of David Shade (c.1823- 1880) and Ellen (née Knight, c.1839-1908), who married in Victoria in 1865.

In 1898, Herbert left Victoria for the Klondike in pursuit of riches. Upon his return in 1901, he married Annie “Nancy” Elizabeth Cobley (née Carter, b. Alpena, MI 1880-1951), the daughter of Stephen and Mary Carter, who came to Victoria in 1891.

Herbert was the City plumbing and sewer inspector from 1902-20, but resigned because he was refused a raise from $75 a month to $125. He became a life insurance broker for Mutual Life until retiring in 1939.


Herbert’s step-brother Henry Harman (1888-1971) lived at this residence until he married Katie Maud Jackson (1889-1963) in 1914. Herbert’s sister Margaret married W.A. Sprinkling (1347 Vining St, Fernwood).


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