Heritage Register

1393 Rockland Avenue

Built 1912

For: James & France Reid

Architects: Percy Leonard James & Douglas James
Contractor: Andrew Henry Mitchell

1393 Rockland


This British Arts & Crafts Tudor Revival house is Georgian Revival in its symmetry. Its main roof is flared and steeply hipped with a tiny, flared, hipped vent on the front. The front façade has two large, two-storey, hip-roofed, box bays on either side of a large, elaborate, angled balcony over a deeply-recessed, centrally-located entry porch. The balcony balustrade repeats the pattern of the half-timbered belt which surrounds the house. The angled front porch is supported on octagonal posts with wide, shallow, curved brackets and solid shingled balustrades. The stair balustrades are also shingled. The two-storey angled bay within the porch has windows with leaded art glass on both floors. The rear or garden façade also has two full-height, hip-roofed bays, but its faceted central balcony has been filled in. The shingled lower floor is separated by a belt course from the upper, which is half-timbered with smooth stucco. The one-storey projection on the right side is the only asymmetrical part of the design. The windows are a mixture of leaded art glass and leaded multi-lights-over-one. The property retains its granite wall with large gate posts, wrought iron gates and railings. There are three tall, ribbed brick chimneys with heavy square brick caps; the one on the left is a through-the-cornice wall chimney. The house cost $13,600.


1912-20: James Telford Reid (b. Strathroy, ON 1869- 1953) and Frances (née Chambers, b. Walkerton, ON 1866- 1947) came to BC in 1907. James was an investment banker with offices at Bastion and Langley.


1921-30: Clarence Hoard (b. Kentucky 1878-1969) and Caroline Morrison (née Kinsley, b. Indiana 1884-1980) came to Vancouver Island in 1903 and Victoria in 1915. Clarence, a civil engineer, built highways and railroads, and was president and managing director of Bainbridge Lumber Co.

1931: Retiree John Dennis.

1933-35: The Hon. John H. King, senator, and his wife Nellie.

1936-38: The Hon. Gordon McGregor Sloan (b. Nanaimo 1898-1959) and his wife Nancy Porter (née Nicol, b. Rosehearty, SCT 1890- 1973) met during WWI when Gordon was a flight instructor in Britain. They married in 1918 and returned to BC. Gordon was called to the bar in 1921 and practised law in Vancouver until 1933, then was elected MLA for Vancouver Centre. He became BC’s youngest attorney general at the age of 35. In 1937 he became a judge in the BC Appeal Court, and in 1944, Chief Justice of that court. Nancy was made a life member of the Vancouver Women’s Liberal Association in 1936 for her political work.

1939-45: The Hon. Kenneth Cattanach MacDonald (1872-1945), BC’s Minister of Agriculture from 1933-45, and his wife Celia (née Loughrin, 1875-1958). Kenneth moved from Ontario in 1890 to Grand Forks, then Vernon, BC, where he practised dentistry. He was the North Okanagan MLA in 1916, 1920 and 1924. Defeated in 1927, he won again in 1933.

1947-48: BCER Vice-President William Crossley Mainwaring (b. Nanaimo 1894-1967) and Gladys Margaret (née Latta, b. Birmingham, ENG 1898- 1979) married in Vancouver in 1920.

1949-60: Ernest William Arnott (b. North Bend, BC 1893-1979) and Geraldine Bonnycastle (née Wallace, b. Calgary 1892-1976) married in 1920. Ernest Arnott joined the CPR as an office boy in Vancouver, then a stenographer for the BCE superintendent in New Westminster. From 1948-58 he was VP of Vancouver Island operations. Ernest was president of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the Union Club of Victoria.


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