Heritage Register

1000 Terrace Avenue

Built 1914; 1948

For: James & Hannah Forman;
Athol & Luelle McBean

Architect: Samuel Maclure (1914)
Contractor: William Angus Gleason (1914);
Thomas Lambie & Sons (1948)

1000 Terrace


This two-storey, steeply-pitched hip-roofed British Arts & Crafts house has exposed rafter tails and a hip-roofed dormer on the front. On the left front façade is a porch with glassed-in entry and balcony above. Right of the porch is a full-height, narrow angled bay attached to a full-height, wide box bay; both are hip-roofed, with half-timbering between the floors. There are multiple narrow multi-paned leaded lights on both floors. The house is stuccoed, with random rubble and quoins on the porch, lower front bay and chimneys. A centrally located basement doorway has been created at the base of the bays.


1914-44: James Forman (1860-1944) and Hannah Selina (née Logan, 1861- 1929) came to BC from Nova Scotia in 1890, and lived at 609 Toronto St, James Bay, from 1892-1903. James was long-time associate of Heisterman, Forman & Co, a real estate, insurance and financial business. Before coming to Victoria, he had engaged in business in Nova Scotia, New York and Germany. James was instrumental in organizing Victoria’s real estate agents and served a term as president of the Real Estate Board. He often served as an expert witness on assessment appeals because of his lengthy experience in real estate. He was also a Justice of the Peace. Outside his business interests, James was active with the Royal Jubilee Hospital and served as a director for many years. Helen Tremaine, the Formans’ daughter, married Capt. Gordon L.W. MacDonald of the Royal Canadian Artillery in 1936 in Nova Scotia. They lived in Halifax until her father’s death.

1944-46: Gordon was on active service, and Helen returned to Victoria and this house after her father died.


1947-48: James A. Duff-Robertson (b. c.1872), a retired druggist from Canora, SK.

1948-61: Athol Robert James McBean (b. Millbrook, ON 1879-1961) and Luelle Woonona (née MacLeod, b. Winnipeg, MB 1885-1955) moving from Winnipeg and hired Thomas Lambie & Son to do alterations costing $2,000 to the house in 1948. Athol was a grain broker in Winnipeg for many years before retiring in 1941. He was a member of the Union Club and Victoria Golf Club. The McBeans lived here until their deaths.


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