Heritage Register
Victoria West

1131 Catherine Street
moved in 1987 from 1108 Pandora Av

Built 1904
Heritage-Designated 1987

For: Alfred & Kate Knight

1131 Catherine


This Edwardian Queen Anne cottage is very similar to its earlier 1890s Victorian predecessors, with its hipped roof, asymmetrically placed cutaway bay and front porch with turned columns, brackets and spindlework frieze. Other features are pedimented front gable and cornice brackets, features of the earlier Italianate style. There are angled bays to the left of the porch and on the left side. The house is clad in double-bevelled siding. Originally located at 1108 Pandora Av, new owners architect Raymond Hunt and his wife Joanne, arranged for its removal to the Catherine St cluster of heritage homes in order to save the house. They moved it on March 10, 1987. The Hunts won a 1988 Hallmark Society Award for the restoration.


1904-12: Alfred Wallace Phillip Knight (b. West Cowes, Isle of Wight, c.1842-1927) and Kate Elizabeth (née Robson, b. Rochester, ENG, 1850-1915). Alfred came to Canada in 1893, and Kate followed with their children in 1895. Booksellers, stationers and tobacconists, they lived in their shop on Yates St until they built this house. Their son Jocelyn Ashley “Jack” (b. London, ENG, 1882-1968) married Mary Elizabeth Renfree (149 Rendall St, James Bay) in 1904. They moved to Ladysmith, BC, and ran Knight’s Hardware & Stationery for decades. Kate was prominent in the Psychic Research Society and her funeral service was held according to their ritual. Alfred was a member of the Sons of England.


1912-15: Stockbroker Ovid Henry and Jennie Bowman married in Victoria in 1910.
1917-32: Lewis Flint (b. London, ENG, 1870-1945) and Ellen Ada “Nellie” (née Clement, b. Bristol, ENG, 1873-1955) came to BC in 1910. Lewis was a baker for Ormond’s Biscuits in Vic West. Nellie belonged to the Afternoon branch of St. John’s WA, and Lewis to Henderson Lodge No.84, AF&AM.

1933-77: William Ernest Arthur Hopkins (b. Sunbury-on-Thames, ENG, 1887-1971) and Rose Grace (née Brinkman, b. Gravesend, ENG, 1883-1977). William was a salesman and warehouseman for McLennan, McFeeley & Prior, then a grocer until 1959. Rose lived in the house with their son Leonard F. until her death.


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