Heritage Register
Victoria West

332 Catherine Street

Built 1889
Heritage-Designated 1987

For: Charles & Emma Jenkins

Builder: Charles F. Jenkins

332 Catherine


is an Italianate house, evidenced by its vertical lines, the narrowness of the building, its tall rectangular windows, and full-height corner boards. Although it lacks the typical cornice brackets, its handsome ornamental supports, brackets, and balustrade details on both the front porch and second floor balcony exemplify decorative features of this style. The double-hung windows are two-over-two with horns. The verandah on the left side has been enclosed

1889-1940: The VDC January 1st, 1890 reported that the house was built for $3,500. Master builder and carpenter Charles Frederick Jenkins (b. Bristol, ENG, of Welsh stock, 1854-1935) and Lydia “Emma” (née Cox, b. Lincoln, ENG, c.1858-1890) came to Victoria in 1883 with their three children, Emily, Francis William and Jessie. They joined his parents, William Wallace and Mary Ann Jenkins, who came in 1878. Emma died at 32 of complications from childbirth; she left seven children, the oldest just 14. Her funeral was held under the auspices of Court Northern Light, AOF, as Charles was a member. Her baby, Myrtle Adelaide, was raised on Salt Spring Island by the Beddis family. Daughter Eva was also raised on Salt Spring, by the Stevens. The other children spent a short time at the BC Protestant Orphans Home before returning home.

Charles worked for Hall, Ross & Co (Victoria Roller Flour & Rice Mills, 1900 Store St), and later for the E&N Railway (251-53 Esquimalt Rd, Vic West) as a car repairman and joiner, retiring in 1933. Charles built a boathouse at the end of the street on Lime Bay. He was a member of the Victoria West Athletic Association and in his senior years was a keen bowler with the Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club. [His youngest son, Walter Frederick was a founding member of the Esquimalt Athletic Association.] Charles enjoyed carving, and making violins; he made a billiard table which became the dining table at large family gatherings. Family members remember his favourite expression, “Oh, Rats!” and he ate black pudding for breakfast - a Welsh tradition. He, too, received a Foresters’ burial service in Ross Bay Cemetery.

In 1896 Charles married Sarah Acton (b. Manchester, England 1861-1947) who came to Canada in 1892. They had three more children, and she lived in the house until 1940.


1940-48: James William China Tucker (1910-1986), on active service during WWII, and his wife Frances Lydia Jenkins (married 1935). After the war, James worked as a fireman in HMC Dockyard.

1997-2012: Paul Hadfield, grandson of former Esquimalt Reeve (Mayor) Thomas Hadfield, rehabilitated the house and turned it into a B&B. During the rehabilitation the south verandah was filled in. Hadfield and brew master John Mitchell established Spinnakers Brew Pub in 1984, three doors south of 332 Catherine. Spinnakers was the first in-house brew pub in Canada.


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