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Victoria West

607 Raynor Avenue (ex-648 McPherson Av)

Built 1911

For: John & Ellen Wiseman

Designer: John Wendon Wiseman
Builder: Arthur Daniels, John Wendon Wiseman & Arthur Weight


This Edwardian Vernacular Arts & Crafts house is similar to 601 Raynor Av (see for description). 607 has no front bay, but it does have a jettied front gable supported on many small brackets. It has plain bargeboards and the upper finials are missing. The porch is the same as 601, but here the stairway is front facing. It now has a solid sloping balustrade; it was originally shingled and stepped.


1911-12: John Wiseman (b. Essex, ENG, 1857-1939) and Ellen “Nellie” Emma (née Jolly, b. Essex, ENG, 1860-1934) resided a block away at 1003 McCaskill St from 1912 until their deaths. They came from England to Victoria in 1911. John, a shipwright, was a deacon for many years at the Congregational Church. Ellen’s sister was Kitty Daniels of 601 Raynor Av. Their son, John “Wendon” Wiseman, designed this house and 601 Raynor Av, and helped build them. He later returned to England.


E&N and CNR car repairer and foreman Joseph McCarrison (b. Belfast, IRL, 1862-1941) and Sarah (née Sloan, b. Glenboig, SCT, 1864-1943) came to Victoria from Scotland in 1908. Joseph was a member of Old Monkland Lodge, AF&AM, and Loyal Orange Lodge of Glasgow, Scotland. Sarah died in the house.
1943-49: The McCarrisons’ daughter Sarah (b. SCT, 1887-1974) and her husband, John William Morris (b. SCT, 1887-1970) of the Palace Barber Shop, 920 Government St.
1950: Marine engineer Robert Burns and Ellen Fenwick, and their daughters Jean, a bookkeeper at Ashcroft Electric, Joan, a clerk with CP Express, and Joyse, a clerk with the Canadian government.
1951: Sub-Lt. Kenneth M. Farquharson, RCN, and his wife Jean.


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