Heritage Register

432 Kipling Street (ex-532, 432 Walton St)

Built 1912
Heritage-Designated 1995

For: Alvin Johnson

Architect: Alvin Johnson

432 Kipling


This is a good example of the Arts & Crafts California Bungalow style with its broad gable roof covering a full width porch. The porch posts are in the form of “elephantine” columns with tapered sides supporting exposed wood beams and purlins which support the upper storey. The living room windows are fabricated of elegant leaded glass. The exterior siding is currently asbestos shingles which likely cover the original finish of wood siding or shingles. The piers of the porch columns are covered in stucco and may have been a different material originally.


Building and plumbing plans indicate Alvin Johnson (1007 Johnson St, Harris Green) was the designer and original owner of this house, but he never lived here. The house was sold to James Bernard Tighe (1884-1965) the following year, and he moved in with his new wife Emma Jane (Neelands, 1885-1973) in 1913. They lived here until at least 1917. Born in Melbourne, Australia, James came to Victoria in 1911 and was a city clerk at the time of his marriage, and later worked at the Sooke Lake watershed. Emma was an Ontario-native who came to BC with her family c.1893.


By 1920, widower Timoleon John Tait (1861-1940) and his two daughters Kathleen Lillian (1899-1926) and Marjorie (1894-1968) were living here. The Taits came to BC from Manitoba after Timoleon retired from banking in 1904. His wife Mary Arabella died of heart failure while visiting Winnipeg in 1912 at 49 years of age.

Gilbert Francis Henry Clemo and his wife Rhodena Maretta (Lytle, 1880-1976) lived here in the mid-1920s. Born in Devonshire, England, Gilbert came to BC in 1915. He worked for the Canadian Puget Sound Lumber Co while he lived here. Rhodena was born in Omemee, ON and married Gilbert in 1920.

Retiree William E. Wright lived here in 1929, followed by glass blower Eligin F. Hayward in 1931. Thomas A. and Monica C. White lived here in the early 1930s. Thomas was a storeman with the BCCSS. Commissionaire Benjamin Warburton (1889-1969) and his wife Florence (Harrison, 1881-1966) lived here c.1939-41. The Warburtons came to Canada from England in 1906 and to BC in 1933. Benjamin was a veteran of WWI and had been a liquor warehouseman for 15 years before retiring in 1959.

By 1943 widow Winifred Grey-Dreaper (Keene, 1898-1984) was here. She lived here for over 20 years. She was born in England, and her husband’s name was William.


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