Heritage Register

435 Kipling Street (ex-435 Walton St)

Built 1913
Heritage-Designated 1994

For: Bungalow Construction Co.

Architect: Ralph Berrill
Builders: Bungalow Construction Co.

435 Kipling


This house was constructed in the Arts & Crafts California Bungalow style. It has box beams and clinker brick used as a feature both in the pillars and the interior fireplace. The bricks came from the Baker Brick kilns on Douglas St. The front porch is open and the interior is largely original with beamed ceilings. Photos from the 1920s indicate that the front of this house, part of a group of three, has changed little over the years.


The Bungalow Construction Co was one of the most prominent pre-WWI companies working in the speculative building field, and perhaps the one that built the most memorable California Bungalows in Victoria. (see 423 Durban St, Fairfield).

This house was sold in 1915 to Georgina Sackville, who lived at 735 Powderly Av (Vic West), and appears to have rented it out. The earliest known tenants were newlyweds Alice Maude (Briggs) and William Havelock Creech. Born in Comox, BC, in 1890, William was a BC public servant. He served overseas during WWI, and upon his return, he married Alice in 1919. By 1920, he was a shipyard worker.

The Ellis family owned the house from 1921-51. Gordon George Ellis (1881-1940) lived here with his wife Myrtle Edith (Feesy, 1886-1987). Gordon was born in Haverfordwest, Wales, and Myrtle in Southsea, Hampshire, England. Myrtle came to Canada around 1911, while Gordon arrived here in 1908. They came to Victoria from Wilkie, SK, in 1921 with their daughters Kathleen and Irene. Gordon and Myrtle operated Gordon Ellis Ltd as clothing stores under several names and different downtown locations over the years. Myrtle and daughter Kathleen continured the business after Gordon died, and it became known as The British Woollen Shop. It was moved to the Winch Builing on Fort St. by the late 1940s. Kathleen was secretary. By this time Kathleen had married Cedric Jervis-Read, and he joined the business. They lived at 435 Kipling until 1951. Younger sister Irene was also employed in the business. She remained in the house until she married Gordon McClure in 1937.


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