Heritage Register

53 Linden Avenue

Built 1931

For: Ronald & Muriel Whittington

Architect: Ralph Berrill
Builders: Knott & Jones

53 Linden


This single-storey English-Cottage-style cross-gabled house has stucco exterior and horizontal wavy edged siding in the gables. The front has a large gabled projection with three smaller gables; the central one with an arched recessed entry, the right one with a large three part window and the side one with exterior fireplace chimney. The chimney is stuccoed, but highlighted with a dark red brick cap. Most main windows are casements with plain leaded multi-panes. The south side has a prominent recessed area with beam and bracket supports. Bargeboards have crown moulding embellishment, but the eaves are very shallow. The front door has a vertical planked pattern, a simple armorial leaded glass light and an arched top. The arched entrance frame is marked off in blocks to simulate stone. The front steps are of dark red brick. The cladding of the main front gable has possibly been re-done.


This house was built for Muriel and Ernest Ronald Whittington (1900-1974), only son of Carolyn and Ernest Whittington. They previously lived at 1435 Richardson St (Fairfield). Born in Victoria, Ronald started in the family business, Moore & Whittington Lumber Co, stacking lumber and driving trucks. By the 1930s he was sales manager, and when his father died in 1942 he became president and owner of the company. In 1928 Ronald married Muriel Alexandra Knott, a schoolteacher and only daughter of Charity Jane and Herbert Thomas Knott, another well-known Victoria contractor and lumber merchant. Ronald and Muriel lived here until the late 1940s.


By 1949, the owners were Harry Buckle Jr., a driver with Shell Oil, and his wife Frances. They lived here until about 1960. Harry Jr was the son of Harry Buckle, a veteran of the Riel Rebellion, and production manager and mechanical superintendent of the Victoria Daily Colonist for over 30 years.


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