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1035 Pakington Street

Built 1928-30

For: Henry & Nora Munday

Builder: Henry Munday

1035 Pakington


Like several others on this block, this house was built in the British Arts & Crafts style. It has a moderately-pitched side-gabled roof with a large gabled wall dormer and a narrow shed-roofed dormer on the front façade. There are two red brick chimneys: one at the back and one on the end wall. Eaves are open with exposed rafter ends, knee brackets and flared bargeboards. The exterior is stucco with half-timbering in the front gable and the upper side gables are clad in shingles separated by a double-width belt course. Most windows on the front are grouped in threes featuring leaded latticed panes and heavy bracketed sills. Other windows have multi-paned uppers with wooden muntins. The front entrance is recessed behind a red brick segmental-arched entry with a brick stoop. The multi-paned front door is glazed with bevelled glass and is surrounded by incised concrete that imitates tiles. The house was converted to a triplex in 1955 but returned to a single family dwelling in 2008.


Henry Edwin Munday (1863-1954) had this built for himself and his wife Nora (Woodward, 1870-1935). The family lived at 517 Michigan St (James Bay) from 1891-1900, and 1091 Joan Cr (Rockland) from 1914-1930. They lived here with their unmarried daughters Kathleen Violet, Rosamond Nora and Frances Mary (1901-1975). They had three sons, Edwin, Hubert, and Douglas. Edwin married Jessie Galliford in 1924, and they lived at 520 St. Charles St (Rockland). Hubert married Audrey Sutherland in Vancouver in 1925.

Henry was initially a contractor, and by 1899 he started a shoe business that eventually expanded to four stores including Munday’s Fine Shoes which ran until the 1990s.

Kathleen married James Bigmore in 1933 and Rosamond married E.M Sheppard in about 1940. Frances Mary remained in the house after her parents died until the early 1960s.


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