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522 Trutch Street

Built 1930

For: Anson Jones

Designer: attributed to Anson Jones
Builder: Anson Jones

522 Trutch


This single-storey 1930s cottage is clad in pebble-dash stucco and has a garage underneath on the left. The shallow hipped roof has exposed rafter tails and an extension to the left gives a picturesque effect. The offset front-facing entrance porch has an arched opening under a gabled roof and shelters the original multi-paned door. Cement front-facing steps are probably original, but brick-stepped parapet planters on either side are probably not. To the right of the porch are a pair of multi-paned, double-hung sashes and on the left is a tripartite arrangement of sashes with a large arched central sash flanked by double-hung multi-paned sashes. The room over the garage at the far left has a corner window of multi-paned casements.


Building contractor Anson William B. Jones (1880-1961) built this house, but was living at 354 Moss at the time. The first occupants were Rowan W. and May MacKenzie, who lived here in 1931. Rowan was a teacher born in Charlottetown, PEI, who married May Louise Palmer in Vancouver in 1924. Rowan was manager of Olympic Recreation. He and May lived here until about 1940.


Allen P. and Margaret L. Sinclair lived here in 1941, followed by Donald A. and Jean K.D. Williams in 1943. Donald was assistant manager of the Empress Hotel.

School principal Arthur Thomas (1886-1970) and Elizabeth Kerr Hunkin had bought the house by 1946 and lived here for the next several years. They had lived at 623 Avalon Rd (James Bay) after their marriage in 1926. Betty was the daughter of Henry and Jane Harkness (1803 Belmont Av, Fernwood). Born in St. Austell, Cornwall, England, Thomas came to Vancouver Island in 1911, after earning his teaching credentials at Westminster College and London University. He taught in the Cowichan Valley and then came to Victoria in 1913. After serving overseas during WWI, Thomas taught at Victoria West and George Jay Elementary before becoming principal of Central School in 1937. He retired in 1951, but continued to teach part-time at Oak Bay High School.

By 1951, the house was owned by Frederick C. and Stephanie Scratchley, who lived here until 1952. Frederick was a clerk with P.R. Brown & Sons.


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