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535 Trutch Street

Built 1912

For: Arthur & Susan Lee

535 Trutch


This is a 2-storey Edwardian Four-Square with shallow hipped roof, pebble dash stucco finish and rubble stone foundation. The front-facing side entrance on the right is in a 2-storey extension. The front has two cantilevered box bays, both with tripartite windows, single pane below and bevelled leaded glass above. The second floor is finished in simple half timbering and the windows are in pairs with single pane below and leaded diamond multi panes above. The main entrance door has a bevelled leaded glass window inset and has an elaborate arts and crafts style latch. The sloping lot allows large windows in the front for the basement level. The front garden stone wall has a substantial cement capping and the granite gate posts retain an old wrought iron gate.


The house was built for the Lee family who resided here for about 35 years. Arthur Lee (1865-1939) was a realtor with Alex Fraser in the firm of Lee & Fraser. He was born in Maidley, Shropshire, England, and came to Victoria c.1889 after living in Ontario and the Northwest Territories. In 1895, he married Susan Marian Miller (1859-1926), a native of Newfoundland who came to Victoria c.1891. Susan Lee was active in many church organizations including the Women’s Missionary Society and the Ladies Aid of the First Metropolitan Church. She died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1926.

In 1927 Arthur married English born Ada Garbott, who had graduated from Deaconess Training School in Toronto, ON, in 1907. She was active in church work in Toronto and in Victoria until her marriage. Ada left this house shortly after Arthur’s death.


Elizabeth Hampson Keene (Steele, 1872-1961), widow of Trevor Keene, lived here c.1940-46. Born in Cheshire, England, Elizabeth came to BC with her husband c.1907. Trevor (1860-1937) was an engineer in Cobble Hill, BC, when he died of pneumonia in 1937.

In 1949 Peter (1902-1960) and Irene (Kohta, 1901-1962) Karpick bought the house. The Karpicks were born in the Ukraine, emigrated to Canada c.1927 and came to Victoria in 1941. Peter was a mill hand with BC Forest Products for a number of years. Son Frank Karpick lived here after his parents died until the late 1970s.


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