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1737 Rockland Avenue (ex-90 Rockland Av)
The Chalet, Tredinnock

Built 1899

For: Alice & Amy Galletly

Architect: Samuel Maclure

1737 Rockland


This two-storey, shingled Chalet-style house, once thought to be designed by Rattenbury, is now known to be by Maclure; Maclure asked for tender calls for it and 1603 Rockland (demolished) in VDC in June 1899 and the houses were very similar. The Chalet is side-gabled with small gabled projections at the roofline on the left and right sides; there are tall finials in all the gables. The eaves are supported on sculpted knee brackets and the bargeboards have unusual ends. To the left of the front porch is a hiproofed conservatory. This centrally-located gabled porch has five chamfered posts, one pilaster and decorative sawn balusters, which continue down the stairs and are repeated on upper and lower rear balconies. There are also a pair of box bays on the rear. The foundation is of random stone and there are four brick chimneys. Shutters were added to most of the windows in the 1970s.

The Galletly sisters called the house The Chalet, but a later owner had Tredinnock engraved on one gatepost of the random stone garden wall. The wall retains its iron gates.


1899-1914: A.J.C. Galletly (1715 Rockland Av) had The Chalet built for his unmarried sisters Alice Mary (c.1863-1914) and Amy Frederica Louisa (c.1866-1934). Born in Corfu, Alice and Amy came to Victoria from Surrey, ENG, with their father Col. Frederick Galletly c.1902. Amy left the house after Alice’s death.


Tenants: 1904-05: Robert and Jennie Butchart (906 St Charles St, Rockland), while their home at Todd Inlet was being built. A teatime entertainment, with decorations “a la Japanese,” was hosted by Jennie and reported in the 16 April 1905 Daily Colonist. Over 70 wives and daughters of prominent men were listed as attendees. They included “the Misses Galletly,” who had moved into Hochelaga to look after their brother after his wife and daughter died on the SS Clallam on 8th January 1904. Alice and Amy reclaimed The Chalet after he remarried in 1905.

1915: Edward A. Waterman, managing director, Weiler Bros.

1917-18: George Henry Dawson (1020-1022 St. Charles St, Rockland).

1920-54: Col. Herbert Clement Carey (b. Victoria 1865-1948) and Kate MacKinley (née Moren, b. Halifax 1869-1959). Herbert went to the Royal Military College in Kingston, ON. In 1884 he joined the Royal Engineers, serving in England and Halifax, where he married Kate, then in Bermuda, Hong Kong, England, Ireland and Jamaica. During WWI he served with the Northern Command and was made a Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Herbert retired in 1919 and they moved to Victoria. Kate left the house in 1954.


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